Boa Hatchling 90mm White Longboard Wheels – 83a – Ideal for LDP or Electric Longboards

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The White 90mm Boa Hatchlings are the ideal longboard wheels for long distance commuting and pushing/pumping (LDP). Not too heavy and just the right amount of grip for pumping and carving hard. Slap them onto your favourite electric skateboard setup and you’ve got a fun wheel with plenty of ground clearance to go over obstacles and get sideways when you want that extra bit of fun.

Poured in our tried and tested Hemotox™ formula which features excellent resilience against nasty chunks, 99.9% bubble-free and shock-absorbing properties along with super high rebound for excellent roll speed. At 60mm wide, they offer plenty of grip. Poured in 83a they offer a good mix of comfort and speed.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Hatchlings for LDP or Distance Pushing?

Yes! The 90mm Hatchling Longboard Wheels are designed for LDP. They are compatible with many board setups out of the box, and we highly recommend using them paired with the Pantheon Longboards Pranayama or Trip as they can fit without wheelbite.

The high rebound Hemotox™ formula gives you plenty of roll speed and momentum to make pushing a dream.

Is the core compatible with electric skateboards?

Our Boa Core is compatible with many electric skateboards that use a “kegel” style mounting pulley.

Do they come with bearings?

Bearings aren’t included, however we recommend our high quality Blackbelly ceramic bearings with lifetime warranty.

How wide are the Hatchlings?

The Boa Hatchling 90mm Longboard wheels are 60mm wide with a 58mm contact patch due to the rounded lips at the front.

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2 reviews for Boa Hatchling 90mm White Longboard Wheels – 83a – Ideal for LDP or Electric Longboards

  1. AkaliA (verified owner)

    Got these set of Boa Hatchling 90mm wheels just for my Exway Wave Riot and these are fantastic! Highly recommended (and looks sexy too)!

  2. alvsitoh (verified owner)

    Set it up for LDP. Generally Love the look and most of it. Cruises great once you get the setting right, though the 90mm Hatchlings tend to feel just a tad heavy for the manual powered deck whenever I’m picking up speed. May be more ideal if it comes as 85mm. Would love a softer duro (in white… your Colored wheels doesn’t have a very nice tone) as I’m picking up all the vibrations on my routes at 83a, hope I don’t get Carpal Tunnel syndrome soon.

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