Boa Hatchling 90mm Yellow Longboard Wheels – Ultra Soft 76a – Ideal for LDP or Electric Longboards

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The Yellow 90mm Boa Hatchlings are the ideal longboard wheels for long distance commuting and pushing/pumping (LDP). Not too heavy and just the right amount of grip for pumping and carving hard. Slap them onto your favourite electric skateboard setup and you’ve got a fun wheel with plenty of ground clearance to go over obstacles and get sideways when you want that extra bit of fun.

Poured in our tried and tested Hemotox™ formula which features excellent resilience against nasty chunks, 99.9% bubble-free and shock-absorbing properties along with super high rebound for excellent roll speed. At 60mm wide, they offer plenty of grip. Poured in 76a they offer the best in comfort and speed.

The Hatchlings were the winning wheel for Broadway Bomb 2022 and 2023!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Hatchlings for LDP or Distance Pushing?

Yes! The 90mm Hatchling Longboard Wheels are designed for LDP. They are compatible with many board setups out of the box, and we highly recommend using them paired with double drop or bracket boards. The Hatchlings are also fast, and have won many races including Broadway Bomb 2022 and 2023.

The high rebound Hemotox™ formula gives you plenty of roll speed and momentum to make pushing a dream.

Is the core compatible with electric skateboards?

Our Boa Core is compatible with many electric skateboards that use a “kegel” style mounting pulley.

Do they come with bearings?

Bearings aren’t included, however we recommend our high quality Blackbelly ceramic bearings with lifetime warranty.

How wide are the Hatchlings?

The Boa Hatchling 90mm Longboard wheels are 60mm wide with a 58mm contact patch due to the rounded lips at the front.

What is the core position?

The Boa Hatchling 90mm Longboard wheels are offset. This means the core is placed at the inside edge of the wheel and sits outwards from your trucks.

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11 reviews for Boa Hatchling 90mm Yellow Longboard Wheels – Ultra Soft 76a – Ideal for LDP or Electric Longboards

  1. Alvin Sitoh (verified owner)

    It’s a wish come true after the first Hatchlings 83a. These softer 76a are much more comfortable to ride, esp over bumps and speed strips. Going to replace the front back to 83a to see if it gives back a little traction during pumping. If it works, Boa may want to consider offerings in pairs rather than 4s, so users can have option to mix. Many are already mixing different duros with Speed Vents for front and rear anyway. Overall, if I really want to add to my wish list I would wish for the weight to be slightly reduced is possible. The other curiosity is to experiment slightly smaller radius on the lip. I’m imagining it may improve the grip slightly, making it easier to pump and over come the weight. I also wonder what happens if the outer lip is sharper while the inner lip is rounder….. love the colour btw. As an industrial designer myself, I always really the design treatment on Boa wheels.

  2. ahtan (verified owner)

    I was skeptical initially on how well these would roll given that they are 76a

    They roll extremely well! I use them on a Longboard for long cruises and my feet are very grateful, if only there are more colors to choose from

    Best set of wheels I have!

  3. Gavin C (verified owner)

    A++ rating. I am using these for LDPush. Wheels are fast and durable. They hold their speed well- this is a very efficient wheel for distance riding. Both short and long distance rides have seen tangible improvements in lap times! I aim to use these wheels on all distance setups that can accept this size wheel.

  4. Daniel Lindsey (verified owner)

    Top 3 placers at Broadway Bomb in NYC were riding these, self included. They are a very desirable wheel for LDP speed.

  5. James (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about these wheels, given how large and heavy they are, but I have to say I was absolutely blown away. I’m running these on a Subsonic Century 40 and initially laughed at how heavy these wheels made this lightweight longboard feel, but as soon as the wheels hit the ground and I got into the push, I knew these wheels were no joke.I ride all sorts of wheels (‘Vents, Cags, ABEC11, McFlys, Zenit LDP) and none of those wheels have the literal flywheel effect of the Boas. They’re much easier to get up to speed than one would expect (which blows my mind), and they hold on to that energy further than anything else I’ve ridden. Needless to say, you get all that performance plus they swallow-up road imperfections and debris like nothing, which makes them ideal for urban commuting.

  6. James D (verified owner)

    So good I bought a second set! These wheels have made my daily commute in downtown SF so much easier and safer with all the crumbling road infrastructure, street car crossings, broken car window glass, and all sorts of junk and debris left behind by roaming bands of homeless people. These wheels roll over it all (except where I need to avoid the poo, vomit, urine, blood, or the occasional hypodermic needle). I’m sick and tired of being ejected from my board and doing a superman in the middle of the intersection because my Cags decided to stop and have a romantic affair with an aggressively-shaped pebble in the road. The Boas inspire confidence under the worst road conditions.

  7. Bruce A (verified owner)

    This compound seems different, soft but rolls fast. Love it on the pranayama. Will replace my Otang caguamas on my other boards with these

  8. Casey (verified owner)

    Flawless wheels!
    There is not a single bubble and the urathane is so consistent. The soft wheels feel gummy in their vibration dampening but roll faster than every wheel I’ve tried. Only thing to be careful of is that they loose grip in less than ideal circumstances very easily (like the bumps on the sidewalks for blind people) and they tend to slide around a lot but once you are aware they are perfectly fine! Great wheel would recommend!

  9. Chris Van Ness (verified owner)

    Love my Hatchlings. Bought them to put on my Trip. Ordered a Supersonic with McFlys and can’t wait to try both wheels out on both boards to see which I prefer. But the Hatchlings so far are great, super happy with my purchase.

  10. Long Johnson

    Based wheels, very pretty. Ive only put probably about 20 or so miles on em since I received them for Christmas and they’re the largest and heaviest wheels I’ve ever ridden by a large margin. It really comes through in how long and fast they roll though. They ride pretty soft but for some reason I felt like something with so much super soft thane would be a little smoother feeling. Doesn’t really matter though, they still roll over crappy pavement and plow through debris without issue. I saw someone else mention that they lose grip on really bad pavement and I do find that to be true, but It’s not really that bad, they got plenty of meat to not let you skid out too far. Overall I’m glad I went with these for my LDP setup over Vents or Cags.

  11. sam (verified owner)


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