Hey! We’re Boa, we make awesome wheels designed for your electric skateboard.

Not your average wheel

Our wheels are formulated using our proprietary Hemotox urethane, designed for the needs of electric skateboards. Our unique formula offers a soft ride with loads of cushion, combined with excellent resilience against chunking.

Designed for speed

Boa wheels feature a precision bearing seat that keeps your wheels running true. Our offset core and wheel shape allow them to compress at the outer edges giving you grip when you need, whilst still maintaining the ability to slide.

All shapes and sizes

Our lineup offers wheels in 3 sizes, from our ultra wide 80mm Sigmas, to the 90mm Hatchlings and the gargantuan 100mm Constrictors. We've got a wheel to suit your every need and they fit onto most commercially available boards without modification, including Boosted Board, Backfire, Evolve, Exway and Jed Board.

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