We’re Boa, we make kick ass wheels designed for your electric skateboard.

Your electric skateboard deserves the best. We make the best wheels out there for electric skateboards, featuring our unique Hemotox™ urethane with Anti-Chunk™, developed in house and made to perfection.

Forget riding on sub par wobbly wheels, once you’ve been bitten by the Boa, you won’t look back.

Bring new life to your electric skateboard

Our wheels are designed to fit most electric skateboards on the market without modification, including the Boosted Board v2 and above, Jed Board, Evolve Skateboards (all models) and many more.

Travel to new heights with your electric skateboard

With the Boa Constrictor Fangs, you can ride your board in more places than ever. The tread pattern allows you to ride on more adventurous terrain.